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PT. Woah Teknologi Dedikasi, a subsidiary of Woah Group based in Singapore, is a technology solution provider founded by a team of dedicated industry veterans.

At PT Woah Teknologi Dedikasi, we are committed to providing innovative technology solutions tailored to meet your business needs. With our expertise and dedication, we aim to empower your organization to thrive in the digital age.

Our Services

POS Hardware Solutions

Cloud Ai Surveillance

Data Protection

Cloud POS System

Explore our range of high-quality hardware solutions from leading brands including POSBANK, Sunlux, Sewoo, and HPRT.

Experience seamless and efficient point-of-sale solutions with our Cloud POS systems - Citrus

Empower your security operations with cutting-edge Cloud AI Surveillance solutions from Footfallcam and Ulucu.

Empower your security operations with cutting-edge Cloud AI Surveillance solutions from Footfallcam and Ulucu.

Ensure the safety and security of your data with our Data Protection solutions powered by Arcserve.

Understanding the overarching trends of your business and overall market saves you time, money and energy in the long run, and can help you dominate your market.

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Tailored Solutions
Increased Efficiency
Process Automation
Data-Driven Innovation
Market Insights
Sustainable Growth

Our Core Business

Your success is our mission, and at Woah Technology, we're committed to driving innovation, providing expert consultancy, fortifying cybersecurity, and delivering top-notch distribution services.

Cyber Security

We deliver an objective assessment and proactive strategies to identify potential security vulnerabilities within a system, mitigating the risk of exploitation by potential attackers.

IT Managed Service

With a team of seasoned experts, we provide top-notch technology consulting services, offering strategic insights from maintenance service, deployment service, and contact center to navigate the digital landscape.


We stand as the trusted authorized distributor for IT hardware and software from renowned brands. With the confidence of over 10 brands, we deliver excellence in distribution, ensuring our clients have access to the latest and most reliable IT solutions.

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Innovative Solutions

We specialize in delivering cutting-edge and complete innovative solutions from M2M communications to its Cloud-based analytical platforms that will enable us to successfully compete in a market that is challenged by insufficient vendors with end-to-end capabilities.

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At Woah Teknologi Dedikasi, we're not just a service provider; we're your dedicated partner in achieving and surpassing your business goals.